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January 29, 2010
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Woot a Flash Game xD

Decided to make a Flash "Create a *******" game... first wanted to go with dragons, so I made everything in ps...imported it into Flash, but it didn't really work out that well...Then I started another one, this time entirely in Flash, but I had some problems witht that too, so I finally decided to make one with my own species xD Because there are already too many create a dragon thingies... kinda...

Well, the Flash itself is pretty much self explaining, click the buttons, save as a screenshot (PrtScr) and so on...

Yes, you can submit the created Dergaun to deviantArt, as long as you credit me (best is putting a link back to the game into you comment)

Yes, you can use the created character as and OC! Just don't forget to credit me!

No, do not ask me to put more stuff into this... like more colors, markings or some accesories. Backgrounds is something else, ther will be some... later....

No, you can not edit my art without my permission or even claim it as your own!

Special thanks goes to ~dinosapien and her lil' sister for testing this^^ If you still find a major error in the game (like a button not working), please tell me.

Also, I would love to see your creations^^ Just share a link in a comment^^

General Informations on Common Dergaun can be found here: [link]

It is actually not that rare for common Dergaun to have two different eye colors.

I used... two of tutorials for this... ([link] , [link] ) and some brain... xD If you actually read all this, put a (y) in you comment^^

Art and Dergaun (c) *DemonDragonSaer
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ThelastDarkUnicorn Feb 16, 2014  New member Student Artist
I love this game!!Its not the best but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!:)
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An interesting Flash program. I could create & post some that I make here on my site.

But, I'm having a problem? I'm not sure, when I'm trying to download what I make, it doesn't works right? Do you have an answer? This is nice, but I can use or credit if I can get it on my computer?
i made screaming death of how to train ur dragon :3
isnt it the 'whispering' death??
from defends of berk there is a new dragon  and it is huge  and evil its called le screaming death :Ddragonplz 
does it burrow
Dont think so  but it is just like red death and shoots fireballs  it comes later in the new series of dragons defenders of berk
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